Cuadrado is a fairly solid one trick pony

But when you bite into it, everything past that thin shell is a super soft sort of cloud of a cookie. I also want to say « gooey, » but it not gooey, I can quite think of a word to describe it. It in that direction, but not actually gooey, I think. Cuadrado is far better… View Article


But when you bite into it, everything past that thin shell is a super soft sort of cloud of a cookie. I also want to say « gooey, » but it not gooey, I can quite think of a word to describe it. It in that direction, but not actually gooey, I think. Cuadrado is far better than Willian, couldn cheap Canada Goose get any time over him really, Filipe Luis couldn get gametime over Azpilicueta playing out of position, we won the league with Moses and Alonso at wingback and now have the worst attack in top 6 with arguably a better squad 2 years later. Willian is more technical and more intelligent, which allows him to produce more than the downhill running that Cuadrado provides. Cuadrado is a fairly solid one trick pony, but that is frustratingly simple in his game play, it always surprises me he has success at all.

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