Ajustez les courbes de sensibilit des sticks analogiques

Resting at WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME, 45 Elgin St., St. Thomas where funeral service will be held on Wednesday Nov. Cremation to follow. After abit of BP I felt the subluxation feeling AGAIN. Not sure if I need to stick at the exercises for longer, or if that rehab work was just a waste of time…. View Article


Resting at WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME, 45 Elgin St., St. Thomas where funeral service will be held on Wednesday Nov. Cremation to follow. After abit of BP I felt the subluxation feeling AGAIN. Not sure if I need to stick at the exercises for longer, or if that rehab work was just a waste of time. Or if surgery would offer the fix, because worse case scenario the surgery makes it worse and then I really be in trouble..

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