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Yeba Olaye - Yeba Essentials


Summer is almost over; at least for those living in the Northern Hemisphere, and now it’s time to get back to work.

I hope you enjoyed a holiday (or two) and that your batteries are fully recharged.

As for me, I took a few breaks and travelled to Sydney, Brussels, London, Paris and…Papua New Guinea! I came back filled with new experiences and discoveries that I will distillate through the coming weeks.

New city guides and updates are on the agenda. The Sydney City Guide is now online and I hope you’ll appreciate the unique places I have uncovered.

There will be lots of interviews of Belgian and French female entrepreneurs that will surely whet your creative appetites and inspire your own entrepreneurial journey.

Our first September interview features Yeba Olaye who devised a new line of bags for contemporary women, absolutely perfect to give you a fresh start this season!

Yeba is an amazing young woman who decided it was time to reroute her career path to follow her dreams. Find out about her inspiring journey and her unique brand which promises much more than just beautiful handbags (which is already a lot, I know!).

There’s also an article about my PNG experience!




Our latest interview

I had the privilege and pleasure of coaching Yeba on her business project, and I have watched her realize her venture, and make it blossom.

Through the usual start-up woes, she held on tight to her dream, never giving up, like the warrior she is, faithful to her name.

Yes, it’s tough to be an entrepreneur but it’s really worth it!

She conceived the “4.0 bag” which is much more than a mere handbag: it aims to empower women, bringing out “the best possible version of you”.

Enjoy my interview with Yeba, where she generously shares her journey as a fearless and focused entrepreneur.

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My Papuan adventures: going back to the roots.

I have recently travelled to PNG (Papua New Guinea) and the experience was so extraordinary that I decided that I would write this post, even though this might be a bit off track from the usual articles I publish. But I guess there is logic in that as, in hindsight, it’s also quite consistent with the philosophy of this blog…which is to veer off the beaten track!

A key ingredient in innovation is the ability to challenge authority and break rules. ― Vivek Wadhwa